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Ndlovu Room

Ndlovu (Room 5)
This sea-facing upstairs room is very large, with sliding doors leading onto our deck which also has nice sea-views.

The queen size bed is covered with an elephant theme bedspread in olive green, black and beige.
A carved monk’s bench serves as a seat or can be used for luggage, and the elephant carved bedside pedestals provide space for personal items.

The dressing table/desk, placed under a large wood framed mirror, is a highly prized piece with beautiful carved elephant legs.

A flat TV stands in a corner on a ornately carved cabinet. A two-seat couch sits beneath one of the large windows. For privacy, the sea-facing windows have wooden venetian blinds. Ideal for the executive or a couple enjoying a weekend away.

The room has a full bathroom en-suite.
Directly opposite is our Olive Room (Room 6), which together creates a perfect family unit.